Company & Founder

The Angry Octopus Bureau of Paranormal Research, aka Angry Octopus, was founded in 1645 by Administrator 001, a benevolent interdimensional entity dedicated to the investigation and documentation of paranormal, supernatural, and other inexplicable phenomena. Since its inception the Administrator’s teams have built the AOBPR into a formidable investigation documentation bureau that captures both the horror and beauty in the anomalous.

Presently Angry Octopus has been contracted by the SCP Foundation to design a “plausible deniability” campaign to further conceal the activities of the Foundation and the existence of SCPs ( anomalies ).

Administrator 001

Operation Whisky Sour

An ambitious proposal has been drafted for this endeavour, incorporating the development of competing fictional pop cultural narratives & tropes that dilute the “authentic” eyewitness accounts of The Foundation and SCPs. Code named Operation “Whiskey Sour”, the Bureau is coordinating logistics to become operational in late 2023. “Whiskey Sour” will be actualized in two stages:

Stage I    SCP: Compendia Anomaliae, the authoring of a collection of “concept art” depicting SCP anomalies as characters in a video game.

Stage II    SCP: Annihilation, a narrative video game based on the Bureau’s investigation of an anomalous event predicted to take place in 2025 in the British Southwest.

Angry Octopus has negotiated terms to implement Stages I & II on the condition that it be provided unfettered access to Foundation resources and personnel. Additionally, only Angry Octopus will be tasked to documenting The 2025 Event. The proposal calls for Angry Octopus to operate covertly as an indie game developer / art house based in Cornwall, United Kingdom. The Foundation will be providing extensive support for the Bureau’s legend.


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Control 2501

2501 has broad expertise in architecture and archaeology. 2501 has zealously expanded the research arm of the Bureau, recruiting perspective agents from top universities. 2501 has fifteen years’ experience creating worlds in architecture and entertainment, ten years in academia.

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Control 3501

3501 has an extensive background in computer engineering and game development. 3501 brings a well-rounded and cross-cultural perspective to their work in the gaming and technology industry. 3501 has a strong passion for creating expansive and hyper-realistic environments.

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Cryptologist 7050

7050 has several decades worth of experience writing code for several industries, both commercial and covert. 7050 collaborated successfully with 2501 on several past projects, hence 7050 was 2501’s first recruitment to the Bureau to oversee Operation Whiskey Sour.

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Field Forensics 7505

7505 has over thirty-three years’ experience as a Graphic Designer / Art Director and 3D Artist for the entertainment industry. 7505 has over forty-three shipped AAA game titles sold worldwide. He currently specializes in game world management and user interface development for the Bureau.

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Field Photographer 5105

5105 is adept at using DSLR, mirrorless, & film cameras with various lenses & light attachments to create the best outcomes in the field. 5105 has extensive background in film and cinematic history. 5105 is currently the Bureau’s principal cinematic director and photographer.

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Consultant 7209

7209 is a Human Factors engineer and designer, specialising in tailoring good ideas into successful projects. 7209’s research involves product management, business development, engagement engineering, and “doctoring” product designs to provide to users what they need.

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Animator 2905

2905 is a versatile Animator who studies the motions of anomalies, helping bring them to life. 2905 brings more than seven years of experience with various computer graphics software to help further the Bureau’s agenda.

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SCP 5094

SCP-5094 is a sapient character from the children’s educational CD-ROM software Miss J’s Whiz Kidz Schoolhouse. It administers induction and mission briefing workshops for operatives. It is often interviewing potential recruits, and tutoring initiates on new research modalities.

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Character Profiler 8305

8305 is a highly focused character artist with single-minded devotion to achieving optimal outcomes. After working with a non-SCP affiliated studio, 2505 recruited 8305 to further the Bureau’s objectives. 8305 comes ready to meet the challenge of working with the Foundation.